What is a CVT Transmission?

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What is a CVT Transmission?

Transmissions have come a long way since the first cars were made. What started out as simple manual transmissions with two gears and one reverse in the Ford Model T. Now, you have several choices in transmissions when shopping for your favorite model. You might have seen the term “CVT” somewhere on your shopping journey.

What is a CVT transmission? The team at Aristocrat Motors Lee's Summit can tell you all about CVTs, how they work, and why they’re great options for certain Kansas City drivers. Read our guide to learn more from our used vehicle superstore!

What is CVT?

CVT is short for continuously variable transmission. CVTs are known by plenty of other names. You might see them called a shiftless transmission, stepless transmission, or pulley transmission. Gone are the days of manual versus automatic transmissions. Now, you’ve got other types of transmissions, including a CVT, to choose from.

Essentially, a CVT is a type of automatic transmission that changes fixed-gear ratios for infinitely variable ratios, two pulleys, and an interceding chain or belt. Usually, you’ll find CVTs in compact, fuel-efficient vehicles that get over 30 mpg. CVTs don’t work well in high-performance vehicles and sports cars. If you’re looking to get around Independence on less fuel, a vehicle with a CVT is an outstanding choice for you. We might have a few used cars on our lot with a CVT!

How Does a CVT Work?

Ordinary transmissions move vehicles forward by using a series of different gears. Continuously variable transmissions, however, are unique. They don’t have high and low gears to shift between. Instead of gear systems, CVTs use cone-shaped pulleys connected by an intervening belt or chain.

The fixed side of each pulley remains still, while the other side moves according to your speed using a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder alters the distance between the pulley’s two sides, making one side longer than the other depending on your speed. A CVT doesn’t require manual shifting or shifting paddles for your Blue Springs drives.

What Are The Benefits of a CVT?

Fuel efficiency is the top benefit of a continuously variable transmission. Because a CVT doesn’t have to switch between gears, the engine operates within the optimal power range without using more fuel than it needs. The CVT can be as precise as you need it. The second major benefit comes from a simpler design and fewer moving parts. CVTs don’t have various gears. When it’s time for transmission service, you can expect a more affordable repair bill than you’d get if your car had a standard transmission. However, you should still take care of your transmission with regular fluid changes.

What Models Offer a CVT?

Look for fuel-efficient cars, trucks, and SUVs with a CVT. For Aristocrat Motors Lee's Summit, you’ll discover our used vehicle inventory for one that has a CVT connected to its powerplant. You won’t be disappointed! Look for Honda, Nissan, or Toyota cars with a continuously variable transmission.

Find a CVT Vehicle at Aristocrat Motors Lee's Summit!

Now that you know what a CVT is, what can you do next? When trying to save on fuel, investing in a used vehicle with a continuously variable transmission is a smart move. Contact us or call to test drive a vehicle on our lot. Meanwhile, look over our manager’s specials to see how much money you could save on your purchase!


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